The Arc - 20 Minute Livestream Interviews With Great Musicians

The Arc - 20 Minute Livestream Interviews With Great Musicians

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I should start by disclosing that Eric McCusker is my favourite ever Australian songwriter... The ability to capture the imagination of an entire generation in a single song is unique.  To do it half a dozen times... that's special.

There isn't a person over the age of 50 that wouldn't have a flood of memories instantly hit them when they hear:  "It was party night. It was end of school. His head was feelin light. The first time.."  The the first two lines of “Come Said the Boy” by Mondo Rock. An anthem.

Put into the mix “State of the Heart”, “Chemistry”, “No Time”, “Summer of ’81”, and add to it “No-One Comes Close” - a song Eric wrote for John Farnham - included on the 24 times platinum “Whispering Jack” album, and you can see why I say Eric is my favourite ever Australian songwriter.  

After a sell-out performance of his one man show "And Then I Wrote" last year, this Sunday I will have the opportunity to chat to Eric about that show - and why he thinks it resonated so well with so many people - as well chat about the up & coming album with his project The Dream Room (featuring Nikki Nicholls, Rick Petro & Fallon Williams), as well as the recently released Live Album "Summer Of 81; Live At The Pier", a brilliant time capsule of Mondo Rock at their finest.  

...and if we have a couple of minutes to spare, I'll see if we share his stories about Stevie Wright, Jon English, Renee Geyer, Tommy Emmanuel, Bon Scott, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, Hal David, Elvis Presley or Muhammad Ali.  We'll see how the chat flows!

Is Eric really my favourite ever Australian songwriter?  Eric is the only artist who I have asked to sign an album cover since Adam Ant at Festival Hall in 1981.  Enough said!

Join me THIS SUNDAY MORNING at 10am for our LIVE STREAM exclusive to THE ARC!

Thanks, Franz 

Who Else Is On Our List To Chat With??? 

- Gil Matthews: One of Australia's best Drummers, with a list that includes Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Kevin Borich Express, Mondo Rock, and Richard Clapton - as well the Marty Rose Band - who has just recorded an album with...   

- Michael Spiby: The man responsible for The Badloves, and one of Australia's best selling duo songs (with Jimmy Barnes), The Badloves have just released their new single...

- Nikki Nicholls:  Aside from her very successful solo career, Nikki became one of Australia’s top session singers providing her vocal ability to thousands of jingles for radio and television,  as well as contributing backing vocals to "Whispering Jack".  Nikki has toured with the likes of John Farnham, Susie Quatro, Australian Crawl, Kylie Minogue, just to name a few!

- Julian Matthews: One of the original members of The Stems, who's album "At First Sight" is still rated as one of the top 100 Indie Australian Albums of all time...  

- Eric McCusker: As guitarist of Mondo Rock, Eric has also written some of Australia's most iconic songs, including "Come Said The Boy", "Summer Of '81", and "State Of The Heart", however this only scratches the surface of Eric's achievements in the music industry...

- Russell Robertson:  The former Captain of the Melbourne Football Club is now one of Melbourne's most sought after live musicians, having toured with Kate & Phil Ceberano. He is also the man behind The Footy Show Band, and is probably the only person in Australia to have played in front of a record crowd as both a footballer and as a musician...

- Andrew Wishart:  Without doubt, the Runner-Up who should have won X-Factor.  Its hard to believe that was 10 years ago! 

- Lisa Edwards:  One of the most acclaimed, recognised and awarded Australian Female Artists, including the South Australian Hall of Fame Award, Lisa might be best known as John Farnham's duet partner, but is still actively recording, with a new album due out soon...