Mike Brady - His Stories & His Songs - Special Grand Final Week Dinner & Show

Mike Brady - His Stories & His Songs - Special Grand Final Week Dinner & Show

EVENT DATE: Wednesday, 22 Sep 2021

MIKE BRADY & MICHAEL CRISTIANO - Together On Stage... Just 50 DINNER & SHOW tickets available for a very special Grand Final Week night of music not to be missed!

Mike Brady has enjoyed a long career as a musician, composer and entertainer. He is well known for the Aussie football anthems ‘Up There Cazaly’ and ‘One Day in September’ BUT ‘there’s a lot more to Mike than sporting anthems’. This intimate dinner and show is set to show case Mike’s versatility, drawing upon a vast catalogue of music stretching back to the mid 60’s and journeying through the nostalgic eras of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and onwards.

Hear Mike perform his first number one hit “Little Boy Sad” when he was vocalist/guitarist with MPD LTD back in the 60’s, followed up by his first solo hit “Sympathy”. Mike will also be performing some beautifully written songs from his album ‘Bloodlines’, The Australian Irish story and many other songs recorded by some of his favourite artists over the years.

Mike will be accompanied by the exceptional Michael Cristiano on guitar and vocals. We invite you to join Mike on his musical journey and ‘hear Mike like you’ve never heard him before’.

WEDNESDAY 22nd SEPTEMBER (Grand Final Week)




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This very special Saturday night Dinner & Show is set to demonstrate Brady’s versatility, as he goes through his catalogue of hits including his top 10 hit, ‘Sympathy’, songs from MPD LTD, his various sports-themed tunes, as well as some of his Nashville recorded tracks from his album ‘Country to Country’.

Access to live music is ONLY available with a restaurant booking. Please note that bookings can ONLY be made by phone on 95511424 during normal business hours, and will require pre-payment of the ticket price to confirm the booking.

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Mike Brady - His Stories & His Songs - Special Grand Final Week Dinner & Show HEAR MIKE BRADY AS YOU’VE NEVER HEARD HIM BEFORE

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